CiCea Conference 2015: CALL FOR PAPERS

Identity in Times of Crisis, Globalization and Diversity: Practice and Research Trends

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University of the Peloponnese and the University of Patras
Annual CiCea Conference
3-5 September 2015


Main Conference

Identity in Times of Crisis, Globalization and Diversity

Identity remains an influential force in society, education and individual lives at both a micro and macro level and can be challenged in times of crisis, globalization and diversity. Issues that may factor into this include, but are not limited to: How are identity and culture intertwined with other identity markers? What, if any, interface exists between one’s identity and social, cultural, economic, political and citizenship factors? How is identity formulated and actualized in terms of the way in which individuals, groups and nations relates to these? What factors mediate the expression of identity? What role can or does education, formal, informal, lifelong play in relation to identity?  

With these and other challenges in mind, we invite innovative interpretations from any academic discipline with respect to practice and/or research concerned with identities and the conference theme to submit a presentation proposal. Submissions should include a paper title and abstract (200-300 words), full name(s), current position, by 22nd July 2015. Please submit proposals electronically (find the attached form below).

Research Student Participation

At least one separate parallel session will be dedicated to Research Student participants. Proposal submissions will follow the same guidelines as for other participants but will be reviewed separately.


Proposals for Main Conference

Proposals are invited on the conference themes. We welcome proposals for papers, posters, symposia, virtual papers and workshops.

Papers are either presented as a standard presentation, for which you will have 20 minutes to present and answer questions; or, presented alongside similarly themed papers as part of a round table discussion. There is only limited space available for presentations and the Conference Scientific Committee will decide on the presentation format. All papers are eligible for inclusion in the Conference’s General Proceedings, a Selected Papers publication as well as one or more special issue peer reviewed academic journal(s). Papers for publication are selected by the Conference Scientific Committee.

Symposia will group at least three linked papers, presented by a group together. The same rules apply as for papers (4,000 words etc), but you will provide your own chairperson and your time will be limited to one conference session. Therefore, if there are many papers in a symposium then each paper will have less than 20 minutes. Symposium papers are normally presented grouped together in the Selected Papers.

Workshops  are interactive sessions lasting 60-90 minutes, in which participants are doing more than answering questions! You will normally need to limit the maximum number of people who might be able to participate. You may wish to provide a written account of your workshop for the Selected Papers publication, in the form of an article of 4,000 words (maximum).


proposals afford an opportunity to mount a standard poster (A1 size), explaining some research, ideas or expressions. You will have the opportunity to stand by your poster and discuss it with members of the conference during a timetabled poster session. A paper based on the poster is eligible for publication in the Conference General Proceedings as well as the Selected Papers.

Virtual Paper

a limited number of Virtual Papers in the form of podcast spaces or other multimedia productions are available for participants who would like to present at the conference but cannot attend in person.  A paper can be submitted after the Abstract is accepted.  The mode of presentation is virtual.

How to send your proposal

Proposals MUST be submitted to CiceAssociation @ gmail . com via the Booking and Abstract Form (see link below).

Booking and Abstract Form

We cannot accept proposals that are submitted by other means.

When making a proposal, we recommend that you first read the accompanying “Guideline Notes for Conference Abstract Writing/Submissiondocument.

Please note the deadline of 22 July 2015 for all proposals to be submitted via the form above. Regrettably we cannot consider proposals submitted after this date.

For any questions and/or problems, please contact us at CiceAssociation @ gmail . comdkarakat @ uop . grjspin @ upatras . gr or spinkats @ gmail . com.


Conference General Information

The CiCea conference will be held at the University of the Peloponnese, Corinth, Greece in association with the University of Patras, Rio, Patras, Greece. Corinth is easily accessible from Athens (Eleftherios Venizelos Airport). There are frequent connections to Corinth by train (a journey of approx. 1.5 hours) or bus (approx. 2 hours.) Corinth is located approximately 78 kilometers (48 miles) southwest of Athens.

You are responsible for making your own travel arrangements to/from Corinth and for booking your own accommodation  and  the   CiCea  conference  office  is  unable  to  help  with  travel or accommodation advice. However the following websites may be of help when planning your travel to the conference:

General information about Corinth and the University of the Peloponnese can be found at:

Historvius and VisitGreece

A range of accommodation can be found through the following links:

KorinthosHotel - - EphiraHotel

For online rail and bus timetables and (in some cases) ticket sales, please see:

Greek Bus-Line Website - Greek Railway Website


Booking a place at the Conference

Bookings MUST be made via the following link:

Registration Fee

Conference Dinner Payment (€25.00):



Booking to the conference will open June 22nd 2015. We will not be able to take any bookings before that date. Booking fees and deadlines for bookings will be available then.

You can delay booking your place at the conference until after you receive notification of acceptance of your proposal. Please note that receiving an email with the acceptance of your proposal does not mean that we have automatically booked your place at the conference; you will still need to pay your registration fee (above).

We strongly recommend that you book your registration when submitting your abstract, as you can cancel your booking up to 19 August 2015.

PLEASE NOTE: Two members of each CiCe Jean Monnet Network Institution's annual conference registration and dinner fees are provided by the Jean Monnet Network. Therefore, we request that Jean Monnet Network members inform their Institutional Coordinators of their intent to attend the conference, as the conference organizers will contact them. (In the event that more than two members from a given Network Institution wish to attend the conference, which parties will be required to pay fees will be determined by their Institution's Coordinators.)


Provisional Conference Timetable

DATE Time Session
03 September 

13:45 - 15:45 

16:00 - 16:50

17:00 - 18:00

18:10 - 19:00


Opening Plenary Session (Welcome and Keynote)

Parallel Session

Parallel Session


Conference Reception
04 September 
08:30 - 10:00 

School Visits

10:30 - 11:20 

Parallel Sessions

11:40 - 13:00 


Parallel Sessions

14:00 - 15:10 

Poster Session

15:10 - 17:00 

Plenary Session and Keynote Lecture

Conference Dinner
05 September 

09:00 - 10:00 

10:15 - 12:30

13:30 - 14:30


Parallel Sessions

Closing Plenary and Keynote Lecture


Conference Key Dates

22 June 2015
The conference booking page opens. We will not be able to take bookings to the conference before this date.

22 July 2015
Deadline for all proposals to be submitted via the online form on the CiCea website.

29 July 2015
The Scientific Committee will consider all proposals and notify proposers by this date.

20 August 2015
The conference booking page closes. We will not be able to take bookings to the conference after this date without incurring a late fee.

03 - 05 September 2015
Conference sessions from Thursday, 3rd September 13:45 until Sautrday, 5th September midday.

31 October 2015
Deadline for submission of papers for Conference P r o c e e d i n g s, the Selected Papers and the special issue(s) peer reviewed academic journal(s).

For further information, or if you have any queries, please check the Conference page on the CiCea website or email us at: CiceAssociation @