2022 CiCea AGA and Conference Information

Dear CiCea Members and Supporters,


On behalf of the CiCea Executive Committee we would like to announce that this year's Association's Annual General Assembly (AGA), will take  place on Friday, May 27th (9:30 am GMT+2 Time)

[Notice is hereby given that due to the concurrence of certain unforeseen circumstances the 16th Annual General Assembly (AGA) of CiCea earlier scheduled to be held Friday, the 27th of May, 2022 at 9:30 a.m. at Charles University, Prague Czech Republic to transact the same business as given in the earlier online notice in April, 2022 is POSTPONED - a new date for an online AGA TBA]

Our message and mission remain constant while always aware of and take into account the issues of our times. Your presence and support at our AGA, after a challenging and often difficult year, continues to give all of us the opportunity to meet and share with you what the Association has achieved over the past 12 months and our plans for the future.  After the meeting, as in previous years, the meeting's AGA PowerPoint will be uploaded on the Past Meetings page. 

Your comments, ideas and suggestions will help us as we draw up plans not only for our annual conference but on CiCea's future endeavors ~ endeavor's which we hope will help bring us together even more strongly. We look forward to hearing your ideas, current work and projects, so please make yourself heard by sending us an email to ciceassociation [at] gmail [dot] com 

We cannot reiterate enough that there has never been a more important time for the 'CiCea family' to convene, your voices need to be heard and as such we look forward to seeing many old friends and supporters as well as many newer members.  

We would all like to thank you in advance for taking part in this year's AGA and look forward to hearing from you.










CiCea conferences are the perfect opportunity to share information, experiences and research on issues of citizenship, identity, and education with colleagues from around the world.


Call for Proposals

CiCea invites submissions of research and practice proposals for future conferences. A Call for Proposals will accompany the announcements of each CiCea annual conference. Watch for those announcements here on the website and on our Facebook page and respond to the relevant call.


23rd Annual CiCea International Conference 2022

and 1st Joint Conference with CitEdEV

Citizenship Education in Divided Times: Building Connections Through Values


Main Conference

You are invited to submit abstract submissions for the joint CitEdEV/CiCea conference Citizenship Education in Divided Times: Building connections through values that will be held at Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, Thursday 26th to Saturday 28th of May 2022.

The conference is organised by the Jean Monnet Network Citizenship Education in the Context Of European Values: Educational Aspects (CitEdEV), an EU co-funded platform for knowledge sharing and cooperation of experts in the field of citizenship and values education and Children’s Identity & Citizenship European Association (CiCea), one of the leading organizations promoting the teaching and research of Citizenship Education in Europe and the rest of the world.

The principal conference theme will explore the issue of citizenship education in divided times as seen through the building of connections through values. Identifying positive mechanisms fostering cohesion has been perceived as a priority in contexts of political polarization and social inequality. An involved citizenry is a step towards building sustainable communities and recognising the importance of values helps deepen these connections. Citizenship education contributes to this by providing practical opportunities to explore identities and conflict.

We welcome papers examining connecting to this theme, including but not limited to:

  • How and in what ways citizenship education can encourage young people to relate to, engage with, and participate in their communities in divided times.
    How educators and stakeholders perceive and employ citizenship education to build connections through values, youth identities, and forms of active citizenship.
  • We are also very keen to receive papers focusing on all other aspects of citizenship education and values from around the world exploring curriculum design, pedagogy, psychology, youth identities, law, human rights, history education, and policy-making.

The conference is supported by the journal Citizenship Teaching & Learning. Conference papers of good quality will be referred to the journal for consideration for publication. Our intention is to host an international conference with insights and perspectives from around the world. We welcome individuals and groups (academic associations, professional bodies, charities, NGOs etc.) that represent a wide range of commitment to youth activism, engagement and education.