CiCea European Research Centres

As part of our services for members, eight institutional members of the Association have agreed to make meeting and study places available to other members of the Association. This facility is for members of the Association who wish to meet or study in one of the locations. Members may use the centres, with the agreement of the host in each case, as:

  • a study base for an individual for a short period of time
  • a research base, to collect data in the locality and its environs
  • a meeting place for a research/study project

The host institution will try to accommodate requests for use of the facilities, assist in suggesting convenient accommodation, and endeavour to help you identify schools or colleges that may be useful to you in any research. Members receive a catalogue that details the research centres and facilities that are available. Currently, our research centres are located in the following cities:

Ankara, Turkey; Budapest, Hungary; Coimbra, Portugal; London, UK; Malmö, Sweden; Olsztyn, Poland; Patras, Greece; Reims, France

Research Grants Competition 2014 -

The Research Grants Competition for 2014 - 2015 application process opens February 2013. The grant period will start in January 2014. The following extracts from the guidance notes may be useful to those considering making an application, but please do not apply until the grants are formally announced, and a closing date is given.

  • The application must be made by a group of at least THREE Association members, from different institutions. International collaboration is strongly preferred.
  • You will be asked to describe the aim of the research and its relevance in terms of citizenship.
  • In cases where the grant is planned to be used to supplement other awards and grants, then you should specify what the CiCea award will add to the overall project.
  • The Association will require a final report at the end of the project. The project proposed should be completed within 18 months. It should start in January 2014 (and therefore should end by March 31, 2015).
  • Download a copy of the Notes of Guidance



Each year we organise a large conference and a preceding small research student conference.

While 2014 CiCe/CiCeA conference details are scheduled to be announced later on in the year, at present June 12-14 2014, are slated as the dates for the 16th Annual CiCe Network conference, at the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland.

Our 2014 conferences will include:

The 9th Research Student Conference

The 16th Main Conference

The 8th Annual General Assembly

Booking dates for these conferences will be made known on the Thematic Network website.

Our 2015 Conference venue will be announced at the Annual General Assembly meeting in Olsztyn.


Our 2013 conferences took place in Lisbon, Portugal.

8th Research Student Conference: Wednesday 12th June - Thursday 13th June

15th Main Conference: Thursday 13th June - Saturday 15th June

7th Annual General Assembly: Friday 14th June [09:00-10:20]


Annual General Assembly

The next Annual General Assembly of the Children's Identity and Citizenship European Association (CiCea) will take place in Bruges during the June 2017 CiCea/JMCiCe conference. All Individual Association members and representatives of Association Institutional members are invited to attend.

Dates of Executive Meetings

The Association's Executive Committee will meet:

  • October 2017: TBA
  • May/June 2018: TBA


Previous Meetings include but are not limited to:

  • June 2017: Bruges, Belgium
  • January 2017: Huddersflield, United Kingdom
  • November 2016: Prague, Czech Republic
  • June 2016: Madrid Spain
  • February 2016: Augsburg, Germany
  • September 2015: Corinth, Greece
  • October 2014:  
  • June 2014: Olsztyn, Poland
  • February 2014: Budapest, Hungary
  • October 2013: Vienna, Austria
  • June 2013: Lisbon, Portugal
  • February 2013Ayr, Scotland
  • October 2012: Patras, Greece
  • June 2012: York, United Kingdom
  • January 2012: London, United Kingdom
  • February 2011: Helsinki, Finland
  • October 2010: Berlin, Germany
  • July 2010: Warsaw, Poland