Educational Approaches to Internationalization through Intercultural Dialogue COVER


Educational Approaches to Internationalization through Intercultural Dialogue

Reflections on Theory and Practice, 1st Edition

Edited by Ulla Lundgren, Paloma Castro, Jane Woodin

Routledge 2020

236 pages | 13 B/W Illus.




Giving voice to researchers, policy-makers and practitioners through a range of international case studies, Educational Approaches to Internationalization through Intercultural Dialogue interrogates processes of internationalization strategy and practice, from an educational and intercultural dialogue perspective.

Addressing this important, under-discussed area of internationalization – the role of intercultural dialogue – this book provides theoretical reflections and applicable, practical case studies that focus on:

  • Support for integration programmes for international and home students
  • Mobility programmes and initiatives which use an intercultural dialogue approach
  • The place of local languages and cultures in foreign language policies
  • The possibilities within a higher education context
  • The multilingual perspective
  • Student and staff perspectives

Focusing on teaching and learning, and exploring the latest research within the context of internationalization, Educational Approaches to Internationalization through Intercultural Dialogue is a must-read for anyone interested in, or currently involved in designing and implementing internationalization strategies within a higher education institution.




By taking a resolutely educational approach, this book links internationalization to what should be one of its main dimensions but is too often neglected: intercultural dialogue. Through a combination of theoretical chapters and case studies from a broad range of countries, the book demonstrates multiperspectivity, a concept developed through the Council of Europe’s history education program. It recognizes that we may learn from the experience of others, without falling into relativity or accepting that "anything goes". Internationalization should encourage multiperspectivity, and this book makes the case convincingly.

Sjur Bergan, Head of the Council of Europe’s Education Department

The chapters in this book demonstrate that intercultural dialogue stands at the heart of the effort to internationalize higher education.

Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, Director, Center for Intercultural Dialogue and Professor Emerita, University of Wisconsin, USA

The book is a valuable contribution to the field of internationalization and higher education and the role of intercultural dialogue in this endeavour.

Jonas Stier, Professor of Intercultural Studies, Dalarna University, Sweden