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We are pleased to announce the publishing of the anthology entitled:

Citizenship at the Crossroads: Rights, Identity and Education 

Beata Krzywosz-Rynkiewicz & Vasilios Zorbas (eds.), Prague, CZ: Charles University & CiCea

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  1. Young European's constructions of nation, state, country and Europe (A. Ross)
  2. Liberal Studies in Hong Kong SAR of China: The fate of an innovative and inquiry learning school curriculum for encouraging multiple perspectives and critical thinking (E. K-m Chong)
  3. Educating children at children’s homes in the Czech Republic (J. Krátká)
  4. Psychosocial development in the concept of intercultural education (A. Papakonstantinopoulou, J. A. Spinthourakis, I. Dimakos & G. Nikolaou)
  5. Environmental Education and Sustainability in the Greek curriculum: citizenship education and active citizenship (A. Moschopoulou & D. Karakatsani)
  6. The effectiveness of translanguaging language practices in bilingual education: a literature review (N. Angelopoulou)
  7. Gender awareness of students of education (D. Krišová)
  8. At a crossroads: Choosing the way forward to encourage children's empathy towards others (A. Bouchagier)
  9. Culture & Advertisement (F. Chrysafo)
  10. Integrated education, learning disabilities & emotional disorders; Greek Teachers’ Professional Development Needs before new challenges (A.K. Koulis)
  11. Greek Secondary Education Teacher’s Views on Citizenship Education (M. Lelegianni & K. Tsioumis)
  12. Pedagogy of Nature between Outdoor Education and Sustainability (S. Chistolini)
  13. The trust of the future teachers (E. Panagopoulos, A. Adamopoulou, A. Kalamatianou & I. Kamarianos)
  14. Investigation of training needs of primary school teachers of Achaia prefecture in Greece on the art and its use in the educational process (C. Loukopoulou)
  15. Elementary school teachers’ beliefs and classroom practices related to teaching cultural universals (L. Kinyó & K. Dancs)
  16. Notions, Conceptualizations and Meanings of Parental Expectations amongst pupils from different educational environments in their career choices (N. Theocharopoulos, Th. Michaloliakou, M. Katsillis, & I. Kamarianos) 
  17. Attitudes and Values of Primary School Pupils to Environment Protection (B. Zemanová)
  18. Greeks, Germans or Europeans? The views of the students at the Greek High School (Lyceum) in Stuttgart. Are their views affected (and if so, to what extent) by their rights as citizens in a country other than their country of origin in a Europe socially and financially depressed? (C. Pavlos) 
  19. Inclusion of immigrant students in the Greek educational system: a survey research at Patras (K. Sarri & G. Nikolaou) 
  20. Prejudices, social change, and diversity: theoretical insights and research findings under review (G. Gouga, S. Martinaki & C. Asimopoulos) 
  21. Online Participation, Civic Engagement and Identity of Ethnic Minority Students in Hong Kong (K. Chan Ki & K. Kennedy)
  22. Probing into the cultural identity of Roma students: A case study in the Greek EFL context (E. Papalexatou & V. Zorbas) 
  23. Teachers’ opinions on handling refugee education in relation to the recognition of their identity (K. Tsioumis & S. Chiona)
  24. Cultural Sensitivity in Nursing students: An initial review (A. Kalamatianou, J.A. Spinthourakis & E. Panagopoulos)
  25. The effect of origin on children’s social-emotional competence (I. Vegiannis) 
  26. Preservice Teachers’ Perspectives on Warm Demanding Pedagogy: A Case Study (D.T. Zachos & A. Akouarone) 
  27. Representations of the Greek-German relationship in the decade of crisis (2008-2018): A case study on the Greek public history magazine The Illustrated History (G. Vasileiadis, K. Tsioumis, I. Vamvakidou & I. Sailakis)
  28. (S-)Existential Questions among young students: The knowledge area sexuality and relations and sexual and reproductive health and rights as part of controversial issues with importance for Citizenship Education (B. Liljefors-Persson)
  29. Resistance and negotiation: The intersection of constraining norms in educational settings (V. Lozic)
  30. Evaluation of the degree of cross-curricular connections between citizenship education and home economics: A way towards effective citizenship in the contemporary era (E. Vardalou & E. Karatzia-Stavlioti)




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