Building Collaborations in Communities


We are pleased to announce the anthology titled:

Young People's Citizenship and Education:
Building Collaborations in Communities

Michail I. Katsillis & Beata Krzywosz-Rynkiewicz (eds.), Children's Identity and Citizenship European Association


Building Collaborations in Communities Anthology Cover


The following articles are included in the anthology (accessible from the link above):

  1. Principles and themes of Global Citizenship Education in Undergraduate Teachers Training (Blanka Zemanová and Jana Stará)
  2. Learning the Principles of European Citizenship to combat discrimination and racism (Asimina Bouchagier)
  3. Review of Greek legislation on intercultural education (Aikaterini Kanagia and Maria-Nefeli Kikira)
  4. Participating in the Erasmus community: an intercultural experience or a professional strategy? The case of Erasmus students and alumni of the University of Patras (Greece) (Eleni Karachontziti, Andreas Vassilopoulos, Ioannis Kamarianos, and Georgios Nikolaou)
  5. Online Participation, Civic Engagement and Identity of Ethnic Minority Students in Hong Kong (Ki Keith Chan and John Kerry Kennedy)
  6. Developing attitudes towards immigrants and asylum-seekers and other minority groups of Lithuania society in the context of future police officers' education (Liliana Ruibyte)
  7. (S-)existential Questions among Students - Sexuality and Relations Education as part of Controversial Issues with importance for Citizenship Education in Sweden (Bodil Liljefors Persson)
  8. Resistance and negotiation: The intersection of constraining norms in educational settings (Vanja Lozic)
  9. Hindering Democratic Citizenship Fulfilment: the case of online hate speech against Roma in Greece (Nikolaos Mouratoglou, Theodora Agapoglou, Konstantinos Bikos, and Konstantinos Tsioumis)
  10. Social Media emergency and Covid-19 in Higher Education: Digital narratives during the pandemic (Εpaminontas Panagopoulos, Michail I. Katsillis, Anthi Adamopoulou, and Ioannis Kamarianos)
  11. Active Citizenship and Educational Strategies in Social and Political Education in Greek Primary School (Vassiliki Pliogou and Despina Karakatsani)
  12. Active Citizenship learning and non-formal education. The activities of the “Network for Children’s Rights” in Greece (Panagiota Poubouridi and Despina Karakatsani)
  13. Marginalism vs Modernism: Changes in Teacher Work Motivation During the Covid-19 Pandemic (Nilüfer Pembecioğlu and Furkan Baki)
  14. Scholars’ Conceptualization of Citizenship Education in Mainland China (Hui Li, Hui Wang, Ping Ren)
  15. Experiencing Successful Intercultural Communication through the lens of Innovative European programs (Athina Sevi, Glykeria Goula, Julia A. Spinthourakis, and Georgios Nikolaou)
  16. Children’s decision making through moral dilemmas (Irini Vegiannis)
  17. A Study on the Construction of Meaning in the Context of the Viewer-Movie Relationship (Cemre Su Aydin and Nilüfer Pembecioğlu)
  18. Marriage Programs in Turkısh TV Channels: Reproduction of Sexist Discourse in “Kısmetse Olur” (Melike Zeynep Korkmaz and Nilüfer Pembecioğlu)