Diversity, Conflict, Crisis and Educational Adaptation

We are pleased to announce the anthology titled:

Diversity, Conflict, Crisis and Educational Adaptation

Katsillis, M. J., García-Vélez, T. and Jacott, L. (eds.),
Children's Identity and Citizenship European Association


Diversity, Conflict, Crisis and Educational Adaptation Anthology Cover


The following articles are included in the anthology (accessible from the link above):

  1. Changes in Hong Kong Education: Considering Factors Influencing the Organization of Study Tours to China (Eric King-man Chong)
  2. Drawing on Community Knowledge to Engage Diverse Communities with their Children's Learning (Jane Carter)
  3. Building Connections between Students through Practices to Deal With Racism in the School Environment (Asimina Bouchagier)
  4. Citizenship Within Language in Times of Conflict: Teaching Strategies for English as a Foreign Language within the European Union (Evangelina Papalexatou & Michael John Katsillis)
  5. ‘Students are left with a skewed view of the Holocaust’: Can role-play and Simulation Help in Developing Holocaust Learning and Understanding? (Paula Cowan & Henry Maitles)
  6. Issues in Education of Ukrainian Refugees in Greece: The Case of a Primary School in Patras (Asimina Bouchagier, Konstantinos Georgopoulos, & Julia – Athena Spinthourakis)
  7. Mind the Gap: Exploring Correlates of Populism in Youth (Nikolina Kenig & Ognen Spasovski)
  8. Youth Political Identity and Democratic Disaffection: Active Citizenship and Participation to Counteract Populism (Miquel Àngel Essomba Gelabert, Maria Nadeu Puig-Pey, & Anna Tarrés Vallespí)
  9. Institutional Trust and Conflict: Ramifications for Citizenship Education (Epameinondas Panagopoulos, Michael John Katsillis, Evangelia Papalexatou, Anthi Adamopoulou, & Ioannis Kamarianos)
  10. Digital Citizenship in the Digital Age: A Study of Individual Abilities and Perceptions across Diverse Populations and Ethnicities (Ezel Türk)
  11. Building Resilience against Political Violence and Marginalization: The Role of Education (Maria Patsikouridi & Dimitris Zachos)
  12. Gender Stereotyping in Civic Education Textbooks in Turkey (1923-2023) (Dr. Başak İnce)
  13. Young Italians' Discourse on the War in Ukraine and Perspectives of Peacebuilding (Sandra Chistolini)
  14. Artificial Intelligence, Immortality and Marginalism (Habibe Öngören, Ezel Türk, Damlasu Temizel, Nilüfer Pembecioğlu)