Best Publication Award

The Association makes an annual award or awards for the best publication(s) of the year in the field of citizenship education and identity related to children and young people that has been written by a CiCea members. The Awards identify and promote excellence in publication in the field and to commend the quality of publication by members of the Association.



Publications submitted must be published in the year, and must be either authored or co-authored by a member or members of the Association, and be in either print or e-format, as a journal article, book, chapter, or any other form of publication. The first awards were made for publications that appeared in 2010.

Nomination Process

Nominations must be made on the form below, by any member of the Association, including the authors of the nominated work. An anonymised version of the work submitted must be submitted in an electronic copy format. The deadline for nominations for 2020 is now open. All submissions must be received by June 12th, 2021, and sent electronically to ciceassociation @ gmail . com, to be reviewed.


The Publications Award Process

The Executive Committee has nominated an publications award committee, which may contain some or all members of the Executive Committee. The publications award committee makes a shortlist of works, and then announces the winners at the Association's Annual General Assembly.


Application Form and Regulations

Download the full regulations and an application form.




2020 Awardees

Over forty (40) submissions were considered for the 2020 award! The award winners were announced at the virtual Annual General Assembly meeting held online in June 2021. By category they are:

  • Best Book Award
  • Csepeli, G., & Örkény, A. (2020). Nation and Migration – How Citizens in Europe are Coping with Xenophobia. Plymouth, UK: Central European University Press.
  • Best Research Paper Award:
  • Wong, K. L., Lee, J. C-K., & Kennedy, K.J. (2020). School leadership for civic learning: The case of socio-political turbulence in Hong Kong. Educational Management Administration & Leadership. 
  • Nosek-Kozłowska, K. (2021). The image of transnational families in the prism of the experiences of children growing up in them. Scientific Quarterly Fides Et Ratio , 45 (1), 125-136.
  • Best Praxis Paper Award:
  • Sim, D., Boyle, E., Leith, M. S., Williams, A., Jimoyiannis, A., & Tsiotakis, P. (2020). Learning about Europe through educational gaming. Journal of Geography in Higher Education, 1-7. 


2019 Awardees

More than twelve (12) submissions were considered for 2019.  The award winners were announced at the virtual Annual General Assembly meeting held online in May 2020. In alphabetical order they are:

  • Arvanitis, E. & Yelland, N. (2019).   ‘Home Means Everything to Me…’: A Study of Young Syrian Refugees’ Narratives Constructing Home in Greece. Journal of Refugee Studies, 1-20

  • Kennedy, K.J. (2019). Civic and Citizenship Education in Volatile Times: Preparing Students for Citizenship in the 21st Century. Singapore: SpringerBriefs 

  • McGlynn, C., & McDaid, S. (2019). Radicalisation and Higher Education: Students’ Understanding and Experiences, Terrorism and Political Violence, 31(3), 559-576, DOI: 10.1080/09546553.2016.1258637


2018 Awardees

Four (4) submissions were considered for 2018. The award winner was announced at the Annual General Assembly meeting in Prague:

  • Ross, A. (2018). Finding Political Identities: Young People in a Changing Europe (Plagrave Politics of Identity and Citizenship Series). London: Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN: 978-3-319-90875-5


2017 Awardees

There were four (4) submissions for 2017. The award winners were announced at the Annual General Assembly meeting in Warsaw:

  • Monro, S., & Van der Ros, J. (2017). Trans* and gender variant citizenship and the state in Norway. Critical Social Policy, 38(1): 57-78.

  • Cowan, P., & Maitles, H. (2017). Understanding and Teaching Holocaust Education. London: SAGE Publications Ltd.


 2016 Awardee

There were two (2) submissions for 2016. The award winners were announced at the Annual General Assembly meeting in Bruges:

  • Savva A., & Telemachou N. (2016). Voices and Positions. (143-160). In Gonçalves S., & Majhanovich S. (eds) Art and Intercultural Dialogue. Comparative and International Education (A Diversity of Voices). Rotterdam: Sense Publishers. 


2011 Awardee

There were two (2) submissions for 2011. The award winners were announced at the Annual General Assembly meeting in York:


2010 Awardee

There were three (3) submissions for 2010.  The award winners were announced at the Annual General Assembly meeting in Dublin: