1999 Conference Proceedings (London)

Young Citizens in Europe 
Proceedings of the first Conference of the Children’s Identity and Citizenship in Europe Thematic Network

Alistair Ross (ed.); London, UK

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  1. Børhaug, K. – Education for Democracy
  2. Hegstrup, S. – Interdisciplinarity - the way to co-operate across the professions - or an illusion?
  3. Chelimis, S. K. – Citizenship Values and Political Education in Greek Primary School: An Historical Perspective
  4. Fava, C. – Reforming the Curriculum
  5. de Feritas, M. L. A. V. – Civic Education, social and personal development and citizeinship education: changes in Portugal through the 20th Century
  6. Kantorková, H. and Stoklasová, A. – New opportunities for pedagogical education in the transmission of human values
  7. Valdmaa, S. – Identities in Estonia – Challenge to Citizenship Education
  8. Gocsál, Á. – Prospects of civic education in teaching and teacher training: the experience of Hungary
  9. Fumat, Y. – School and Citizenship
  10. Holden, C. – Education for Citizenship: the contribution of social, moral and cultural education
  11. Killeavy, M. – Citizenship Education in Ireland: Recent and Current Practice
  12. Stoik, O. – What do children and students know and think about Europe?
  13. Zafeirakou, A. – When students from Arles and Sparta meet: Social Representations and Identifications
  14. Reid, E. – Language Education for Multilingual Societies
  15. Asenio, M. – A cross-national programme to measure “Europeanness”
  16. Ross, A. – What concepts of identities lie behind ‘European Citizenship’? Why are those in European Education Instititutions concerned with children’s changing ideas of citizenship?
  17. Fülöp, M. – Students’ perception of the role of competition in their respective countries: Hungary, Japan, USA
  18. Näsman, E., von Gerber, C. and Hollmer, M. – Child labour – a moral issue and limited strategy among children in the welfare state of Sweden
  19. Näsman, E., and von Gerber, C. – To share children’s thoughts and experiences
  20. Hutchings, M. – Children’s constructions of work in manufacturing industry: the contribution of experience in primary schools
  21. Berti, A. E. – Psychological studies on children’s understanding of society
  22. Walker, B. and Schostak, J. – Not quite belonging – the experience of boys growing up
  23. Korhanen, R. – Linguistic awareness intervention through drama play in the pre-school
  24. Kallis, A. A. – Coping with the uncomfortable past: a comparative analysis of the teaching of World War II and the role of historical education in the construction of a “European” identity
  25. Davies, I. – The Holocaust: educational dimensions, principles and practice
  26. Lastrucci, E. – History teaching in Italian schools: perspectives on the state of the art
  27. Krzywosz-Rynkiewicz, B., Topczewska, E., and Derkowska, M. – Children’s tolerance for different cultures: an educational perspective
  28. Mackenzie, R. – Expertise 5x5: citizenship and COMENIUS in 25 European schools
  29. Adalbjarnardottir, S. – Tracing the professional development of teachers as they foster students’ social competence